Logo Design and Branding

Is your logo looking a bit tired? Is it still relevant to your business?

If your business has changed recently, either with a change in products or services, perhaps it has merged with another business, or the values and goals of the business has changed, then your logo and branding need to reflect this!

If you haven’t touched your logo in a few years, it’s worth reviewing how up-to-date-it is. An outdated logo can say a lot about a business – a tired logo can tell a customer that the service/products you sell may be dated too.

Do you have an inconsistent brand? Do your brochures use a different colour scheme to your Twitter account? If so, you need some brand guidelines for your staff and suppliers to use to make sure your brand is recognisable however your clients are getting to you!

Our logo design and branding packages start from £250 and include 5 logo concept designs to choose from and brand guidelines including logo usage rules, fonts, colour schemes and tone of voice guidelines. This service includes unlimited alterations so ensure you are 100% happy with your new brand before showing it off to the world!

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