Midlands Golfer

Website re-design for Midlands Golfer

Midlands Golfer is a free magazine to the golfing community, featuring in golf clubs across the Midlands. They had a website which needed a considerable revamp. Their previous website was dated in design and didn’t work well on mobile devices. It was also built in a way which was very difficult for them to make amends themselves.

I met with the team, and we looked at the issues they were experiencing, and ways which the site could be made easier for their readership to use as well. We discussed the whole sitemap of the website and its layout, as well as the advertising spaces to be included, since this is the main source of income for the magazine.

The new website was completed in just a couple of months and has been completely re-worked. The design is much more in line with the branding of the magazine to make it more recognisable to the readers, the navigation has been simplified and pages given more context. The layout of the pages are much more straightforward and looks better on mobiles and tablets.

The analytics of the site have been fantastic since the new site has been published, with page views and users doubling form the first week of publishing and is now ranking highly on Google. The Midlands Golfer team were very pleased with the results, and are finding it easy to keep the site updated.